From February 19 to 20 March 2014 in the Azerbaijan Academy of Fine Arts under the sponsorship of the annual «AZNAR» and with the participation of the Ministry of Culture held a contest – exhibition called "Pomegranate" (NAR)

Prince Albert II of Monaco has expressed great appreciation and gratitude for the honorable reception and was delighted with the presented works.
He stressed that gets great pleasure at the sight of creative works created younger generation of students of Azerbaijan , as well as highlighted a dance number entitled " Ballad of pomegranate " specially trained students in national dresses with symbols pomegranate which clearly expressed national flavor.
For Prince of Monaco was presented handmade carpet woven with the symbol of Monaco in the synthesis originally decorated pomegranate.
Among the many distinguished guests were : Robert Gabrielse - Ambassador of Holland , N. E. Paskevich - Ambassador of Belorusiya , V.D.Dorokhin - Ambassador of Russia , Pascal Monnier - Ambassador of France , Natik Aliyev - Minister of Fuel and Energy of Azerbaijan , Abulfaz Garayev - Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, Farhad Khalilov Chairman of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan , Chingiz Farzaliev - Director of the Azerbaijan Museum of Art and other honorable guests.
In their speeches, honorable guests thanked the organizers of the exhibition and appreciated the help and support from the company «AZNAR» to identify and inspiring young talents.
The prize fund of the company «AZNAR» exceeded last year and because for each of the prizes was determined a few winners.
First place:
Yusubova Esmer (batik) (an award - 2.000 AZN)
Huseynov Mamedguseyn (carpet , coat of arms of Monaco) (an award - 2.000 AZN)
Dance group from Azerbaijan State University of Arts (ballad of pomegranate) (an award - 2.000 AZN)
Second place:
Hussein Hayashi (glass) (an award - 1.500 AZN)
Imran Kerimov (ceramics) (an award - 1.500 AZN)
Third place:
Nurlan Mammadov (sculpture) (an award - 1.000 AZN)
Mehdi Naghiyev (batik) (an award - 1.000 AZN)
Rauf Ismayilov (tapestry) (an award - 1.000 AZN)
Winners were:
Shahla Abbasova (an award - 500 AZN), Novruzova Zemfira (an award - 500 AZN), Garibli Sabina (an award - 500 AZN), Zeynalova Nigar (an award - 500 AZN), Eldarova Mehseti (an award - 500 AZN), Manafova Naila (an award - 500 AZN), Zeynalova Ulduzu (an award - 500 AZN), Mamedov Hayal (an award - 500 AZN), Mamedov Ramadan (an award - 500 AZN), Rzayeva Esmer (an award - 500 AZN), Hasanov Imameddin (an award - 500 AZN), Hasanov Tadzhiaddin, Mamedov Rza (an award - 500 AZN).