Another recognition of the high quality of products of the Grante brand  came from the International Exhibition of Food Industry, Agriculture and Horticulture International Green Week Berlin 2018. Representatives of AZNAR plant returned from it without a single bottle of their products.

Grante brand juices, "Narsharab" sauce embrassed with cheers in the capital of Germany and not just for tasting. Participants, visitors of the exhibition, having tasted natural juice or amazing sauce, immediately expressed a desire to purchase them to stretch the pleasure of a true gourmet and not be afraid of "chemistry". It is not accidental that Europe is striving for ecologically clean products, and International Green Week in English means the same.

The first Green Exhibition was held in 1926. In January of this year, from the 19th to the 28th, the 83rd Green Week was held. Green Week exponents exhibit what has at least the slightest relation to the production of food products - from agricultural equipment to related products and directly prepared foods, beverages that can be tasted and then purchased. The participants and visitors of the international exhibition, designed for the audience of B2C did the same.
The company demonstrated at Green Week in Berlin almost the entire range of all the Grante brand juices of direct squeezing – beginning from the top and most popular juice of the brand - pomegranate juıce and ending with the relatively exclusive product - quince juice. Quince pleasantly surprised participants and visitors of the event. After all, quince is used to make jelly and jam - these products are already well known. But the juice of directly squeezed quince is still a wonder. But there is no doubt that it will find its consumer very soon. Including the participation of its manufacturer in the exhibition events.

The "Narsharab" sauce, produced from the juice of pomegranate and sugar and prepared according to ancient recipes, was of considerable interest. People tasted sauce acknowledged by purchasing it, that they want this product to be constantly in their refrigerator.

Is this not recognition of the high quality and amazing taste of the Grante brand products?