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AzNar assisted 1,600 families in Goychay

The owner of AzNar CJSC operating in Goychay region - a Russian billionaire of Azerbaijani origin - Farhad Ahmadov started an extensive campaign in the region providing food assistance to the poor families.
According to the information, the campaign targets elderly people over 65 years old who are not allowed to leave their houses due to the special quarantine regime, as well as martyrs' families, participants of the Great Patriotic and Karabakh War and their families, lonely old people, bedridden patients, IDPs, refugees, poor families those whose social standing, due to the inability to work under the quarantine regime, became worse and deteriorated. The campaign also covers the assistance to the lonely women who have lost their breadwinner.

As per the instructions of Farhad Ahmadov, AzNar CJSC has already started to provide such families with the boxes of essential goods. The campaign started the day before and is to cover 1,600 families by April 11th.
Each food box designated for families contains chicken, butter, rice, buckwheat, pasta, corn oil, condensed milk, flour, eggs, salt, potatoes, onions, tea, napkins and AzNar fruit juices.
According to a correspondent, Farhad Ahmadov, besides the above, rendered a financial assistance to 10 low-income families to continue their treatment and for the purchase of the necessary medicines. The people of Goychay region expressed to the businessman their deepest gratitude for the help and support in these difficult days.
It should be reminded that before Farhad Ahmadov as a respond to the appeal of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has donated 1 million manats to the Foundation for Combatting Coronavirus.
F. Ahmadov addressed the Azerbaijani public through his Facebook page. The message says:
"Dear friends!
We see that the world we live in is not quite as secure, safe and stable as we thought it was.
An invisible enemy can break through any defense – cells, human, families, cities, territories, and countries and, finally, all of humanity. No one is immune. Absolutely, no one – neither a poor man penniless, nor heir to the throne, and neither an old, nor a baby.
And, so what to do? The answer so simple. We need to come together, take care of others and ourselves, help each other.
The leadership of the country has made difficult, but an important decision as to limit social intercourse as possible to prevent an access of an invisible, but very powerful enemy in every house. And this is a right approach! We need to comply with laws and orders, unconditionally to follow the quarantine regime. I call for patience and courage.
It is rather difficult for the elderly people, large families, people living alone and low-income families. Of course, the state will not leave them in need and trouble and will support them by proving assistance. But, we must also do and support those people as much as we can.
As mentioned above, “AzNar” company provided 1,600 families with food and medicines in Goychay region. During these hard times, it is important that EACH of us take the responsibility and understand the situation and help to their loved ones, relatives, as well as those who are in need.
Together we are stronger! When we stay together, epidemic or pandemic are no threat to us!.”
It should be reminded that the businessman has been investing for many years in opening work places in Goychay and Ismailli region. He is also famous with his wide charitable activities in Azerbaijan. As an example of his charity works, he pays scholarship to a group of students from Art Academy, provides financially the people who need the medical treatment and from time to time renders financial assistance to low-income families.