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Aznar organized an exhibition of famous Azerbaijan artist in London

One of the most modern and eminent artists of Azerbaijan - Farkhad Khalilov’s exhibition in London was sponsored by “Aznar” company.

The head of the company well-known businessman, connoisseur of art and philanthropistFarkhad Akhmedov for ten years owns the largest private gallery "Nar" in Baku, which is beautified with magnificent works of native world-renowned artists including Farkhad Khalilov’s canvases.

Due to the unique color and painting style use Farkhad Khalilov is one of the most popular Azerbaijan artists in Europe.

In his paintingswhich are like "ripe fruits" of the knowledge Farhad Khalilov refers to the human experience and reflects upon the meaning of life, about the fate of civilizations emerging and recedinginto oblivion, where infinity dominates.

This is a new opportunity for the European artistic communityto watch our great compatriot’s paintings after his first solo exhibition in London in 2011 which also was supported by "Aznar".

Farkhad Khalilov’s paintings characterized by their own style and showing the highest quintessence concentration of author’s human feelings were presented on exhibitioncomposed by eminent curator of contemporary art Paolo Colombo. Artist amazes with breadth of his feelings from ascetic impenetrability to bestowing pleasure emotional revelations.

Amateurs of art and representatives of the British establishment, living and working in London Azerbaijani gatheredin the famous London gallery "Saatchi" to see expressionist works of Farkhad Khalilov, which were on view for almost two weeks from 11 to 23 of March. Unfortunately Farkhad Akhmedov could not attend the exhibition but "Aznar" was represented in a worthy by two his sons - Teymur and Edgar, who did a lot to realize this wonderful exhibition. According to them they were happy to make their contribution to promote Azerbaijan fine arts abroad and entirely support their father’s efforts.

We are confident that this exhibition will stimulate Azerbaijan fine art’s popularization all over the world. The first step was done - the experts of Sotheby’sAuction House already offered to set out artist's work at June and November auctions.
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