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CHARITY 2007-2010

  • Years of 2009 and 2010. Material support to sportsmen. World championship on different types of sport.
  • 2009. Material support to sportsmen of different types of sport. “Pomegranate” Republican prize.
  • Years of 2007 – 2008. 100 000 manat spent 356on complete reconstruction of “Abdul Fazil Abbas” which became unfit for use after strong fire

Goychay Development Center rewarded the competition winners in the day of Pomegranate Festival which realized in Republic-wide level with the sponsorship of the company AZNAR
Propagandizing in high level in November 04 in the day of Pomegranate Holiday “Goychay Development Center” summed up the Republic-wide creative competition “Goychay my land, Pomegranate my wealth” realized with the purpose of creation more interest and responsibility broadcasting in the Republic-wide level. The exhibition of all works presented for the competition was organized in the day of Pomegranate Holiday.
In November 03, 2011 at 22:00 Goychay Development Center Göyçay determined with the choice staff the evaluation of the persons addressed with their idea offers to the competition “Goychay my land, Pomegranate my wealth” realized in Republic-wide level the with the support of Ireli IB, with the sponsorship of AZNAR Company. 64 persons have addressed to the competition with their idea offer on intended subjects. 38 idea offers have been permitted to the choice stage, because they were suitable to the provisions of the competition. The choice staff determined the authors of the best idea offer on each subject. So the following 5 persons were rewarded in the day of Pomegranate Holiday for their best idea offer in the competition in the presence of Farhad Ahmadov – the chief of Observation Council of CJSC Aznar, Mansur Mammadov – the chief executive of Goychay region, Fattah Heydarov – deputy, Shamsaddin Hajiyev – Rector of Azerbaijan State Economic University, deputy, Matthew Bryza - the ambassador of USA in our country and other invited officials.
1st place Bahruz Babayev, the propaganda of Azerbaijan culture in USA with Goychay pomegranate, the best project idea.
2nd place Imamaddin Guliyev, the bloc of “Goychay my land, Pomegranate my wealth” blogu, the best web bloc writing
3rd place Zaka Hamzayev, “National Pomegranate”, the best pomegranate picture
4th place Fuad Musayev, “My Famous Pomegranate”, the best poem
5th place Firudin Davudzada, ''AZNAR'' World Knows You, the best video clip
We wanted to note that, the purpose of the competition was to introduce the festival more choosing 5 persons from all country territory who prepared the best drawing about Pomegranate, the best poem about Pomegranate, the best bloc writing about Pomegranate, the best reportage (photo-video) about Pomegranate and the best project idea about the propaganda of Goychay Pomegranate and Pomegranate Festival not only during Pomegranate festival, but also propagating till Pomegranate festival. The winning persons were invated to Goychay in the day of Pomegranate Holiday. The mentioned competition was a chance for disclosure of the creative youth and taking positive steps in the direction of development of the creative potential in them.

Exhibition chairman of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan Farhad Khalilov artist in London. From 06 to 19 October 2011.

Chairman of the Russian Community, the Deputy of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Mr. M. Zabelin thanks “Aznar” OJSC and personally General Director Faraj Ahmedov for rendering help and support in connection with conducting projects upon the events devoted to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Continuing the tradition in honor of the national holiday of "Novruz", Company "Aznar" consisted of senior staff visited the military units of Azerbaijan’s Shamkir, Barda and Beylagan regions.
After learning the favorable conditions of military housing and after talking to the brave soldiers, as a gift on the occasion were presented various kinds of products GRANTE of company "Aznar".

Opening the Gallery of Azerbaijani Artists (catalogue is being prepared for publication).

Demonstration of performance “Arshin-Mal-Alan” in Noviy Urengoy city within the frames of the year of Azerbaijani culture in Russia.

Equipping the “Center of Russian Community” in Baku city with concert facilities.

Javidan Sadigov (in staging and record of musical numbers).

Release a circulation of music disks of Azerbaijani Classics (Fikrat Amirov, Niyazi, Uzeyir Hajibayov).

Monthly sponsoring of “Farhad” children choir of “Mugham” club.

The monument to the ataman of Kuban Cossack army A.A.Golovatiy, rear admiral N.S.Fedorov and earl F.M.Apraxin in Lenkoran city (Azerbaijan).

Repair-and-reconstruction works of ancient mosque “Abulfaz Lil Abbas” in Goychay city (Azerbaijan).

Equipping the computer classroom in school No.7 in Goychay city (Azerbaijan).

Repair-and-reconstruction works with fully equipment of school No.2 in Goychay city (Azerbaijan)

Financing the release of a multimedia A-disk CD devoted to the life and art of Kara Karayev, prominent Azerbaijani composer