Farhad Ahmadov made an extraordinary gift for 500 schoolchildren on his birthday | AZNAR

Farhad Ahmadov made an extraordinary gift for 500 schoolchildren on his birthday

Pupils and teachers of Goychay secondary school # 2 received a wonderful gift on September 15 - Knowledge Day. This school, where 500 students study, has been fundamentally renovated on the eve of the new school year.

The building of the school was repaired fundamentally if it is possible to say so, the roof, the floors, the doors, and the windows were replaced, the heat, water, and electrical system have been renewed, and the yard has been renovated. 12 computers and new electronic boards have been installed in each classroom and all furniture has been refurbished. The kitchen and gym have been repaired in line with modern standards. A plaque stating that the school carries the name of the martyr Elton Akbarov, who graduated from the school, has been changed.
It should be noted that this school is also the educational institution, where Mr. Farhad Ahmadov, a well-known businessman and the only Azerbaijani for present among the Russian senators, studied. Sitting in a row with the martyr Elton Akbarov once, and saying that he did not forget his debt to his native city where he lived from 5 to 15 years old, to his teachers and his childhood friends, Farhad Ahmadov undertook the repair of his school. At present, the city stadium is under repair with his assistance and the repair of school # 7 and kindergartens will begin in Goychay city later.

Mr. Mehdi Salimzade, Chief of Goychay Region Executive Power, Mr. Elman Nasirov and Mr. Sabir Hajiyev MPs from the region, Mr. Teymur Ahmadov, Director General of “Aznar”, Head of the Goychay region education department, and intellectuals from the region attended the opening ceremony on September 15 which is coincided with the birthday of Farhad Ahmadov. M.Salimzade spoke about F.Ahmadov services in renovation works in Goychay. The opening of the school after the repair is the greatest gift to Knowledge Day, stated E.Nasirov, MP.  Ms. Fatma Hamidova, director of the school, spoke about the path of the school, and its well-known graduates and thanked F. Ahmadov for keeping his native school in his memory. Aznar representative Faraj Ahmadov said that the company will continue this kind of charity deeds. Later, the guests visited the classrooms and acquainted with new school equipment. The event was over with the performance of the art community of the school.