The AZNAR plant is a constant participant of exhibition events held throughout the world, including in Russia. After all, participation in any exhibition is a great opportunity to once again announce yourself, show your products, tell about it to ordinary consumers, and representatives of retail as well. Therefore, the company could not miss the exhibition "Prodexpo", which has no analogues in Russia.

The next exhibition, this time the jubilee - the 25th in a row, "Prodexpo 2018" hosted participants and guests from 5th to 9th of February. Under the the whole area was given to the exhibition  for exposition - and this is 100,000 square meters - the central pavilion of the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow on the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment. The exhibition area accommodated stands of 24,342 exhibiting companies from 63 countries. Accordingly, among them was the AZNAR plant, which represented sunny Azerbaijan.
The exhibition was visited by more than 60 000 people. They came to Moscow from all Russian regions, as well as from 95 countries. It will not be surprising that after the "Prodexpo" production of the plant AZNAR will expand its geography. And the list of countries in Europe, North America, where the products under the Grante brand is already successfully delivered, will be supplemented by new countries where it will be possible to purchase juices under the main trade mark of the Grante enterprise.

Grante juices of direct squeezing this time became the center of the exposition of the company. And the main one is pomegranate juice. This is the pride of the Grante brand with the rich taste of this pomegranate. It is the real, not restored, like some manufacturers. The AZNAR plant has everything to receive such juice, - advanced technologies that preserve the freshness of the pomegranate seed juice, professional staff. And most importantly - their pomegranate gardens. They are located in the area of Geokchay in Azerbaijan - one of the most ecologically clean areas of this sunny country. And this 2000 ha area consists of only pomegranate trees, each of which is looked after like a small child.
Under the Grante trademark, not only pomegranate juice is produced, but also juices from other fruits and berries, and even vegetables directly squeezed, to which uncoloured apple juice, beet and apple juice, cherries and grapes, pomegranate- pomegranate-cherry were added in 2017. The whole range of direct squeezed juices was presented at the company's stand. It attracted both ordinary visitors of the exhibition, and the professionals of the market.

The attention of the guests was also attracted by other products under the Grante brand - sugar-free compotes line where recently two new apricot and peach-nectarine tastes have appeared.

The pomegranate is not only the juice of obtained from it by direct squeezing. The pomegranate is used to prepare the pomegranate sauce "Narsharab" which is prepared by heat treatment process and the most recent novelty of the company is “Domashniy Narsharab” sauce. Pomegranate sauce is not yet so common in the market, especially in Russia. Therefore sauces "Narsharab" caused increased interest among the Russian guests of the Grante stand.
For those visitors who are already familiar with the trade mark of Grante, a pleasant and tasty surprise was the appearance of a new direction in the products of the company. It is jam, represented by six tastes.

At the company's stand was another original novelty - products under the trademark Grante Tropic. The name itself says that tropical fruits are used to produce products under this brand. There are, for example, coconut water and milk and even avocado juice! Numerous guests of the stand noted the originality of the line - both taste and originality in its design.

Pomegranate juice which is new for the company segment of the economy class under the brand name "Glavfrukt" attracted the attention of visitors to the stand The 5 most popular flavors in the very near future will be available to professionals and end customers.

There were unlimited access to handouts - the catalog of the plant's products, price lists, and product samples for visitors at the Grante stand. And sincere hospitality and comprehensive professional consultation of the company's specialists left only pleasant memories for the guests of the Grante stand about the products exhibited on it and the cordiality of its owners.

Well, for the company itself, participation in the "Prodexpo 2018" is not only achieving new contracts for the supply of products, but also new ideas and plans that are to be implemented now so that to perform even better in "Prodexpo 2019" exhibition and pleasantly impress the visitors with unusual novelties again.