Innovation and Achievement | AZNAR

Innovation and Achievement


AZNAR has a history of about 45 years. During these years, many technological and other inventions were made, great experience gained by effort and powerful investments.

We are the only pomegranate processing plant, using the “green production technology. 

Due to the development of state-of-the-art technologies and society, we soon reformed AZNAR into an integrating plant, which transforms all remaining pomegranate materials (seeds and skin) into valuable products. This is why, as the first step, we make great investments in production of pomegranate seeds’ oil. In 2011, we were the first to introduce a new technology of non-waste pomegranate processing. It enables us to process pomegranate juice waste on an industrial scale. From pomegranate skin, we obtain tannin, which is used in medicine and cosmetology to produce organic creams. From pomegranate seeds, using a CO2 based innovative method, we produce premium-class pomegranate oil, highly valued in cosmetology and medicine due to its healing properties.


Plans for the Future

In order to make our dream of the perfect quality of products and provision of services to even more customers come true, we plan to build refrigerating barns for about 10,000 product units and a shop for production of valuable tannins from pomegranate skin and to increase output of high quality fruit juice in various kinds of packaging.