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Quality and Certification

The principal difference of AZNAR production from any other similar productions is the unconditional priority to preserve physiologically active substances, nutritive and organoleptic properties of the pomegranate juice in a strict compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and thorough selection of raw materials.

Below are just a few facts confirming the highest level of quality of AZNAR products:

  • Pomegranate fruits used to produce the juice are grown in a close proximity to the plant, in ecologically safe and clean area of the Goychay district of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • For juice production, we choose special varieties created by Azerbaijani crop breeders: Gyulesha, Bala Mursad, Nazik Kabut, Shakh Nar, Gyrmyzy gabut, etc.
  • Our mission is to preserve the nutrition value of the fruit in making juice to the maximum extent and bring it to the consumer. 
  • the plant accepts for processing only whole, fresh fruits of special Goychay pomegranate varieties without any damages, which are sorted manually on a conveyor;
  • the plant’s technological equipment is manufactured of stainless steel of Aisi 304 brand and parts which come into direct contact with the juice — of Aisi 316 brand;
  • juice is extracted in a reduced impact mode on pneumatic membrane presses (by applying soft pressure to the seeds) instead of screw presses (where juice is extracted by seed rubbing) applied by other enterprises;
  • the application of a closed-circuit technological system with the minimum contact with air excludes oxidation processes;
  • the product is subjected to exclusively moderate thermal exposure using pasteurizers (up to 100 °C), including tunnel-type ones, instead of sterilizers (above 100 °C);
  • for filtration, we apply an ultra-filtration unit instead of universally applied plate-type or pre-coat filters open to air;
  • after pasteurization, freshly squeezed juice is kept in aseptic reservoirs made of stainless steel with capacity of 50 m3 (for storing 3,750 tons at once), unlike all other similar enterprises that use various conservatives to store juice in regular reservoirs.

One of the important elements of the quality system at the AZNAR plant is its own industrial laboratory, which carries out chemical-technical and bacteriological control of production. The lab is furnished with the state-of-the-art equipment and consists of three key departments:

  • degustation department (to control organoleptic indicators);
  • chemical department (to conduct chemical analytical research and control);
  • microbiological department, with a sowing chamber and can holding.
The plant’s laboratory has been accredited since 2006 based on the Republic’s accreditation system — standards equated to the principles effective in the CIS countries. 

AZNAR plant has the following international certificates


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