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Apple and pomegranate dessert wine

Apple-Pomegranate wine


Apple and pomegranate wine material, high quality rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw materials, granulated sugar

No preservatives
No colorants
All natural
750 ml (24.5 fl.oz), glass bottle

It was produced with the use of special technology from a mixture of Gyulovsha pomegranates and Fuji apples grown on plantations of the Goychay District.

Amber wine has a bright fruit aroma and a perfectly balanced tone of fresh apples and pomegranates. It has full, harmonious and soft taste, with aftertaste of fruit and honey.

 It is recommended to drink neat with prior cooling to a temperature of 18-20 ºС, or as an ingredient to the cocktails. This wine combines well with various salads, fruits and dessert. 

 Nutritional value per 100 cm3 of product: proteins – 0 g, fats – 0 g, carbohydrates – 12.0 g.

Energy value – 590 kJ (140 kcal) / 100 cm3.