Mango Grante Tropic | AZNAR

Mango Grante Tropic


100% not-from-concentrate mango juice.

Not from concentrate
No preservatives
No added sugar
No colorants
All natural
250 ml (8.33 fl.oz), glass bottle
Transfer yourself to sunny Vietnam for a moment to escape from the rush and enjoy exoticism without leaving home. An unrealizable tale - you will say. Reality! - We will answer. Just take a sip of 100% mango juice, which has a gentle enveloping texture. It is made of selected ripe fruits. The uniqueness of the product is shown in the use of the freshest fruit grown on ecologically safe plantations for its preparation, and no concentrates. This allows saving not just the magical rich taste and delicate aroma of the tropical fruit in the juice, but the whole spectrum of its useful components: macro and microelements, essential amino acids, fiber, polyphenols.