Melon Grante Tropic | AZNAR

Melon Grante Tropic


100% melon juice (not from concentrate).

Not from concentrate
No preservatives
No added sugar
No colorants
All natural
250 ml (8.33 fl.oz), glass bottle
Experience paradise pleasure, try 100% melon juice from Vietnam! A divine drink with a noticeable aroma of juicy fruits has a rich bright yellow shade. Its pleasant consistency is refreshing, leaving an unusual honey-caramel aftertaste. The natural drink has a soft balanced taste, and tender floral notes are felt in it. That's how a real melon elixir should look and taste like, made of ripe, sun-drenched fruits, and squeezed near the place of their natural growth. Useful and nutritious juice of melon is the
solution for all who decided to cleanse the body and lose weight. The optimal balance of vitamins, pectins, minerals, dietary fiber, fatty acids and organic acids gives a feeling of satiety and lightness.