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1. Financing the purchase of new teaching aids for the schools of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug as part of the program to promote the achievements of schoolchildren under the patronage of UNESCO, Russia.
2. Rendering material assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War - residents of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District,
3. Sponsorship support for the "Charity" campaign, held by the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North "Yamal-descendants", RF.


4. Financing of the Festival of Folk Art in Novy Urengoy, Russia.
5. Provision of material assistance to children's organizations of Novy Urengoy, RF, in the acquisition of medical and sports equipment.
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6. Financing of the Sports Against Drugs Fund, Russia.
7. Arrangement of children's playgrounds in three remote rural settlements of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, RF.


8. Assistance to the city boxing Federation of Novy Urengoy, RF.
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9. Providing financial assistance to the organization "Youth for the Culture of Peace", RF.
Repair and restoration works with full equipment of school № 2 in Geokchay, Azerbaijan.
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10. Acquisition of supplies for professional training in the artistic skills of children with disabilities, studying in boarding schools, Novy Urengoy, RF.
Sponsorship, charity and material assistance:
  • Cadet boarding school in Moscow
  • The Society of Disabled Veterans of Moscow
  • State Council of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War of Novy Urengoy, Russia
  • The Kuban Cossack Quartet "Kumovia"
  • Holding of the All-Russian lottery "Victory Day", dedicated to the 60th anniversary  
  • Berezan boarding school in the Krasnodar Territory;
  • Holding of the exhibition "Subsoil-2005" and the Festival of the author's geological song, timed to the Day of the geologist;
  • Victims of natural disasters in South-East Asia
11. Equipping computer classes in school number 7, in Geokchay, Azerbaijan. 
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12. Sponsoring of filming of a documentary film about the 13. Azerbaijani poetess Khurshidban Natavan, Azerbaijan.
14. Organization and financing of the show "Arshin-Mal-Alan" in the framework of the Year of Azerbaijan Culture in Russia, Novy Urengoy, Russia.
15. Providing monthly sponsorship for the children's choir "Farhad" of the club "Mugam", 2005-2007, Azerbaijan.


16. Acquisition of a specially equipped car required by one of the residents of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District with limited capabilities, RF.
17. Financial support of Azerbaijani athletes at the 6th World Cup in sports and martial arts in Kharkov, Ukraine. 
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18. Financing the creation of a monument to the ataman of the Kuban Cossack Host A.A. Golovaty, Rear Admiral N.S. Fedorov and Count F.M. Apraksin in Lankaran, Azerbaijan.


19. Providing equipping with concert equipment of the "Center of the Russian Community" in Baku, Azerbaijan.
20. Sponsoring of a documentary film about Azerbaijan, the premiere took place in the assembly hall of the Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan.


21. Sponsorship in the production and recording of musical numbers by Javidan Sadigov, Baku, Azerbaijan.
22. Financing the release of a large edition of musical discs of Azerbaijan classics (Fikret Amirov, Niyazi, Uzeyir Hajibeyov), Azerbaijan.
23. Financing of the release of a multimedia disk dedicated to the life and work of the outstanding Azerbaijani composer Kara Karaev, Azerbaijan.


24. Complete restoration after the fire of the ancient mosque "Abulfaz Lil Abbas" in Geokchay, Azerbaijan. 
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25. Sponsorship and support of all-round athletes at the Republican Cup "Nar", Azerbaijan, 2009-2011. 
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26. Funding for the full computer classroom construction in the secondary school in the village of Ulasly-Shikhli, Geokchay district, Azerbaijan.
27. Providing sponsorship to the wrestling club at the World Championship - team members won 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, Kharkov, Ukraine.
28. Material assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons. Ten families from the occupied Kelbajar district, consisting of 37 people, temporarily sheltered in the village of Kurdmashi, Ismayilli region, were provided with material assistance in the amount of 180,000.00 manat for improving living conditions and creating a household farm, Azerbaijan.


29. Sponsorship of the exhibition of the Chairman of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, artist Farhad Khalilov, London, Great Britain.
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30. Financing of restoration works "Alley of Honor" in Geokchay, Azerbaijan.


31. Sponsorship of the Russian Community in Azerbaijan in carrying out projects on events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
32. Sponsorship of the nationwide creative contest "My Goychay. Garnet's wealth ", Azerbaijan. 
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33. Financing of the exhibition of artists of Azerbaijan on applied art organized by the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan in Paris, France.


34. Providing sponsorship charitable assistance to ANO "Center" Amur Tiger ", RF
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35. Financing drilling an artesian well to provide drinking water to a specialized psycho-neurological boarding school No. 1 in Shemakha, Azerbaijan.
36. Purchase of air conditioners and refrigerators for the home of boarding school No. 7 in Saray settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan.
37. Financial assistance to a 2-year-old child who suffered during the rest and lost both legs, Azerbaijan.


38. Financing of periodic operations and the rehabilitation period in Germany of Muradzade Camilla-13 years (congenital disorder of the central nervous system).
39. Financial assistance to Orphanage No. 3 in the village of Shagan. On the eve of the New Year, children were given gifts-bicycles, clothes, toys and games for development and training. Household appliances and school supplies, Azerbaijan, were transferred to children's homes.
40. Financial assistance to the home for children with mental retardation No. 2 of the Mardakian settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan. On the eve of the New Year, children were given gifts-bicycles, clothes, toys and games for development and training. Household appliances and school supplies were transferred to orphanages.


41. Sponsorship of the exhibition of the outstanding Azerbaijani artist Farhad Khalilov in the gallery Saatchi, London, UK.
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42. Financing of the restoration work of the television tower of Geokchay, Azerbaijan. The tower provides TV broadcasting of several nearby districts and regions.


43. Full reconstruction of the sports club of Teymur Akhmedov and equipping him with sports equipment, equipment and inventory, Geokchay, Azerbaijan.
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44. Material assistance to Azizov Kazim in 1962 in the treatment and rehabilitation of the consequences of trauma of the lumbar spine, Azerbaijan.
45. Repair works of the mosque of the village Kurdmashi, Ismayilli region, Azerbaijan, as well as provision of constant water supply.
46. Restoration works of the feast and the territory of the cemetery in the village of Pirdinar, Ismayilli region, Azerbaijan.
47. Assistance to the orphanage and children with disabilities home, Goychay, Azerbaijan.
48. Provision of financial assistance in the treatment of Rzayeva Sevda (51 years). Diagnosis of acute renal failure. The money is spent on the preparatory period of the patient and the necessary medical procedures before kidney transplantation at the Russian Research Center named acad. B. V. Petrovsky RAMS, RF.
49. Financial assistance for the treatment of Samedova Sabine 1980 b. in the neurological clinic of Ankara (Turkey). The diagnosis is multiple sclerosis, cerebrospinal form, a second-progressive course.
50. Asphalting of the central main road in the Bargushad area of the Geokchay district, as well as landscaping and landscaping of the adjacent territory, Azerbaijan.
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51. Sponsoring the treatment of Alieva Sanubar-10 years (diagnosed with lymphoma of berkitta). Operation and course of chemotherapy in the State Cancer Center Baku, Azerbaijan.  
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52. Within the framework of the charity event, a psychoneurological nursing home for the elderly No. 1 of the Buzovna settlement was provided with assistance in the form of home appliances, warm clothes, food and gifts, Azerbaijan.
53. Within the framework of the charity event, the Republican boarding school No. 4 of Mardakian settlement was provided with assistance in the form of home appliances, warm clothes, food and gifts, Azerbaijan.
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54. In the framework of the charity event, a visit to the boarding school for children № 180 named. S. Vurgun, Geokchay, was provided assistance in the form of household appliances, warm clothes, food and gifts, Azerbaijan.
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55. Sponsorship of the charitable action "Pomegranate seeds, beating in our hearts", the main goal of which was to help children from low-income families with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, Baku, Azerbaijan.
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56. Full reconstruction of school No. 2 in Goychay (Azerbaijan). There was a major overhaul in all rooms, a gym and a computer room.
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57. Sponsorship of a friendly football match between Aznar and Shagan and the visit of a boarding school for children in Baku, Azerbaijan.
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58. Sponsorship of a friendly soccer match between “Aznar” (Geokchay) and “Shikhlar”(Gobustan), a match between “Aznar” football teams (Geokchay) and “Agdash” (Agdash), Azerbaijan.
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59. Financing of the trip and participation of the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic at the 9th International Festival. Uzeyir Hajibeyov in Baku, Azerbaijan.
60. Assistance to the orphanage and boarding school for children with disabilities, Goychay, Azerbaijan.
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61. Full reconstruction of the Central Stadium in Geokchay, Azerbaijan. New basketball and volleyball grounds were built, seats for fans were replaced, a new medical center was built, and full equipment of audio and video equipment was built. Monthly payment of salaries to the working staff of the stadium.
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62. Holding a football tournament in the "NAR" cup for the national teams of Azerbaijan in Baku and Geokchay with the participation of Aznar football team, Azerbaijan.
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63. Holding a tournament on fights without rules under the cup "NAR", Geokchay, Azerbaijan.
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64. Material assistance to family of Musaev Vakhid Vugar oghlu, born in 1998, born in the village of Sheker, Goychay region, who died 04.08.2017 while passing military service in the village of Alibeyli, Tovuz region of Azerbaijan.
65. Construction of the Khanum Fatma Zahra mosque in the Nardaran village of Baku, Azerbaijan.
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66. Sponsorship and support of professional athlete of kick boxer Zabit Samedov "Mowgli": fight with Errol Zimmermann, Grozny, 2017; fight with Mohammed Malik Sinestroy, Istanbul, 2017; fight for the title of Europe in the version of King of Kings in the kickboxing tournament Heat Flight Show, Moscow, 2018.
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67. Sponsorship of Azerbaijan Fashion Week 2018.
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68. General sponsor of the concerts of the KVN Theater Planet "Guys from Baku", April 17-20, Azerbaijan.
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69. Assisting the State Committee on Family, Women and Children. Sponsorship of the V Forum, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the election of Azerbaijani women by suffrage, Baku Congress Center, Baku, Azerbaijan.
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70. In honor of the holy month of Ramadan, the Iftar organization for 400 people, Goychay, Azerbaijan.
Sponsorship of the Boccia sports club for people with disabilities, purchase of vehicles, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Regular charitable actions:

71. Annual sponsoring of the traditional "Pomegranate Festival" in Geokchay, Azerbaijan.
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72. Annual traditional visit to military units of Shamkir, Barda and Beylagan districts of Azerbaijan in honour of national holiday "Novruz", Azerbaijan.
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73. Annual traditional visit to the military garrison of the Shamkir region (Azerbaijan) in honour of the Day of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.
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74. Presentation of memorable gifts and rendering material assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War in honour of the May 9 celebration, Geokchay, Azerbaijan.
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75. Permanent lease of the sports Teymur Ahmedov hall for the support of athletes Geokchay (Azerbaijan) from 2010 to the present.
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76. Annual sponsorship of the art competition "Nar" exhibition at the Azerbaijan Art Academy and the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan for young and talented artists, since 2015.
77. The allocation of a monthly scholarship to 25 of the best students of the Azerbaijan Art Academy as a support for young talents.
78. Foundation and financing of the Gallery of Azerbaijan Artists "NAR", since 2005.
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79.Annual sponsorship of the event on the occasion of the State Day of Russia, held by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Azerbaijan.