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Grante is 100% natural not from concentrate juice. 

We guarantee that our products are free from any chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. 
Grante brand was introduced to the market in 2008. Its name comes from the English word “GRANT”.
The principle of Grante brand is to produce natural juice with maximum possible preservation of vitamins and nutrients. The assortment of juices on shelves in supermarkets is huge but not all of them are equally useful and good. Literally everything affects the quality of finished juice:
  • place of fruit cultivation,
  • purification,
  • and plant equipment level, 
  • quality control at the production stages, 
  • packaging type,
    pasteurization method, 
  • manufacturer’s experience and history.
Grante has it all taken care of! 

Grante brand is a synonym of naturalness.

This statement can be proved on the example of 100% natural pomegranate juice Grante. It contains more antioxidants than any other beverage, be it red wine or green tea. It has a high content of thiamin (vitamin В1), riboflavin (В) and Р-vitamin active substances, 15 different amino acids. The tanning effect of pomegranate juice prevents ulcers from developing while pectin collects all the waste in our body and excretes it, thereby cleaning our body.

Grante was one of the first to produce pomegranate juice not from concentrate. Natural pomegranate juice Grante is produced from pomegranates from our own plantations located in a unique place in terms of environmental conditions and microclimate — Goychay district of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The plantations include 1,000 hectares of pomegranate trees, which annually yield 1,000 tons of pomegranates of unmatched flavor.

For production of Grante juice, we choose special varieties created by Azerbaijani crop breeders: Gyulesha, Nazik Kabut, Gyrmyzy Gabut, etc.

The use of direct pressing technology allowing to squeeze juice directly from fresh fruit enables us to keep all health benefits of each fruit and makes Grante juice incredibly tasty.

The significant investment in production, great experience accumulated for many years and commitment to innovation enabled the plant to make products of the highest quality and supply it to all parts of the world: United States of America, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Russia, Belarus and other countries — it is not a comprehensive list of the markets where natural juices Grante are present.

Grante - passion for pomegranate.