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We produce 100% directly squeezed natural pomegranate juice. Our plant is located in Goychay in Azerbaijan. There are plantations in wide areas nearby the plant where the kings of berries — pomegranates are cultivated. Annually, we harvest more than 2000 tons of fruits from 2000 hectares, incomparable with taste and therapeutic significance.

Our products are manufactured safely for our consumers under natural conditions. The soil on which pomegranates are grown up has not been contaminated by heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides and other dangerous substances. The certificate of ORGANIC (ORGANIK) given to the AZNAR plant in 2016 on pomegranate juices by the European certification company Agreco (Germany) confirms it.
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BIO SIEGEL since 2001 is the single state mark in Germany, which designates quality of products of the enterprises adhering to the requirements of the EU.

Bio-Siegel guarantees the origin and quality of goods. Today, more than 35 thousand products have such sign.

Rules on organic agriculture provide the following norms:
  • to ban radiation of the organic food
  • to ban genetically modified organisms
  • to refuse preservation of agricultural products with the use of synthetic chemicals
  • to refuse the use of mineral fertilizers with low solubility
  • the land has to be in appropriate quality for livestock production, production of forages, etc.
  • to refuse antibiotics or growth stimulators.
The received certificate is valid throughout the year. Next year, for confirmation of the status, recertification is surely carried out as a production process without the use of chemical means within a year doesnt guarantee their absence in the future. Certification is completely applied to entire enterprise — plantations, warehouses, the export-import organization. Not each product and each producer can receive the certificate of ORGANIC, for this purpose, it is necessary to make many efforts within 2–4 years and to correspond to all conditions.

The process of obtaining the certificate for pomegranate juice of our plant took 3 years. During this time annually the specialist of the certifying organization has arrived at plant to check the soil and the grown-up pomegranates regarding lack of pesticides and chemicals. The taken samples sent to laboratories for the conclusion.

The certificate on a limited quantity of products have been issued on the basis of the conclusions made on pomegranate juice of the AZNAR plant. From that time, we are obliged to notify Agreco of any essential changes in the production process. The certificate of ORGANIC allows us to place the organic sign of the European Union — a leaf made of the stars in a rectangle on a green background on packing and to sell pomegranate juice of our own production within organic standards.


  • obtaining large amount of vitamins, useful nutrients, antioxidants than usual products;
  • more natural and safe products;
  • to follow the increasing demand tendency for organic production, a care of the health.


  • products that dont contain GMO, GMO products and their derivatives
  • dyes, preservatives, fragrances, stabilizers are not added to components;
  • to realize production with the use of exclusively
  • organic solutions (without processing by phenols, radiation, chemistry, aeration, etc.);
  • GMO, products and derivative of them;
  • products which are used in the production process are cultivated without the use of growth stimulators, pesticides and inorganic fertilizers far from industrial centers.


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