AZNAR history


The history of the pomegranate juice Grante began in the 60-es, past century. A factory for production of tinned juice was built on the basis of an interdistrict procurement organization in Geokchay district of the Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic. The first managing director was Teymur Faradzh ogly Akhmedov. Teymur Akhmedov, a true patriot of his native land who liked the ruby Geokchay pomegranates, had a dream that people everywhere in the country and all over the world would know and like their unique taste.


Starting with the familiar apple and tomato juices, it was he who first suggested processing pomegranate and quince.


The factory was awarded with 2 medals at the international exhibitions “Erfurt-78” (Germany) and “Plovdiv-86” (Bulgaria) for the pomegranate juice, thus winning recognition of its quality abroad.


The factory products were known and supplied to all republics of the USSR and other countries of the world.


The Collapse of the USSR, the subsequent general economic crisis and production decline have affected the Geokchay factory. But in 2006 the son of his father, the famous politician and businessman Farkhad Teymurovich Akhmedov continued the good family tradition, he repurchased the factory to redeem its good name and recover popularity of its production. He decided to restore the factory as well as to plant new pomegranate gardens to replace the clear-cut abandoned plantations.


Under the direction of Farkhad Teymurovich Akhmedov, a new investment program for the industry recovery was established, under which its manufacturing facilities were upgraded, fully automated manufacturing was implemented together with the modern quality control system at all stages of the manufacturing process from picking to packing.

This decision has become a real gift not only to Azerbaijan but also to all those living far beyond the country who like natural pomegranate juice, as this remarkable event has given the name for the new brand Grante — from the english word "Grant", which means "gift".


The factory was rapidly developing and expanding the territory where its goods were supplied. In 2008 the pomegranate juice Grante was certified in Russia as "BioSafe product".


The pomegranate juice Grante won a number of numerous awards at prestigious international contests:
  • 3 gold medals at the 16th international exhibition of food, beverages and food raw materials "Prodexpo 2009";
  • the Grand Prix at the contest "Product of the year 2009" at the 18th international exhibition of food and beverages "World Food Moscow 2009";
  • a gold medal at the international contest "Best product 2009";
  • a gold medal «Innovations in product composition» at the contest «Innovative product Prodexpo 2009» and The First Degree Diploma for high usefulness for consumers and a gold medal "For quality".


The brand Grante kept winning many prizes for the product quality and innovation:
  • The apple juice Grante won the Grand Prix as the winner of the international contest "Best product 2010" at the 17th international exhibition of food, beverages and food raw materials "Prodexpo 2010"
  • The quince juice Grante won the Grand Prix as the winner of the international professional contest of food and beverages "Product of the year 2010", at the exhibition "Worldfood Moscow
Grante was expanding the range of its beverages, the consumers could try the grape juice Grante from white and red grapes and their mixtures: pomegranate-grape and apple-grape juices..


AZNAR has expanded its production geography from Azerbaijan to countries of three different time zones and created new lines of the Grante goods – fruit-berry nectars and juices. As before, the factory had strictly controlled production process, and beverages were packed in Eco-friendly package – glass bottles.


Grante juices are widely supplied and sold all over the world: in such countries as Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, as well as in the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

At the 20th international exhibition exhibition of food, beverages and food raw materials "Prodexpo-2013" the pomegranate juice Grante was awarded with a silver medal as the winner of the international contest "Best product 2013"


The line of 100% NFC juices Grante was joined by the new taste of cherry juice. The flagship juice of the brand Grante – pomegranate juice - was packed in the new aseptic Tetra Pak package of 1 L.

Also this year a technological breakthrough was made at the AZNAR factory, it began producing pomegranate seed oil by currently the most advanced method . Liquid carbon dioxide CO2 has an ability to dissolve lipophilic compounds, absorbing oil from seeds. After the oil extraction carbon dioxide compounds under pressure relief lose their solvent properties and, as a result, the required material (oil) is extracted. Liquid carbon dioxide can be reused.

For achieving this result, the most up-to-date equipment was installed at AZNAR and fully automated control of the whole oil extraction process was implemented. The oil extracted by this method is the premium quality, organic oil, it beholds cosmetic and aesthetic capabilities and can be used for medicinal purposes being effective against some cancers.


Our attention is focused on the development of international markets, particularly, the US, New Zealand, Canada, etc. Thus, in December we participated in Winter Fancy Food Show 2015 held in San Francisco. The Fancy Food Show is the largest exhibition on the Western coast specializing in foods and beverages. Over 1,300 participants from 35 countries of the world and the US presented their newest achievements in foods and beverages at Winter Fancy Food Show 2015.
In April, two major events in our business occurred. For the first time, we took part in the International Exhibition SIAL CANADA. In the modern exhibition center Direct Energy Centre, visited by over 10,000 people, we presented to the Canadian consumer natural juices and nectars GRANTE. The participation in this exhibition exceeded all our expectations! Moreover, in April 2015 Aznar and pomegranate juice Grante have become a member of the national American Specialty Food Association ( It is the proof of the high quality of Grante products!