Goychay Development Centre in cooperation with the Educational Centre for Youth have arranged a charity event called Grains of Pomegranate, Beating in Our Hearts (December 2016).

The charity event has been sponsored by Aznar.

The main purpose of the charity event supported by Aznar has been assisting to the children from low-income families with Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy in anticipation of the holiday.

During the opening ceremony of the charity event the organizers have emphasized the importance of integrating of children and teenagers with these disabilities into the society and everyday life. Charity exhibition has also been arranged as part of the charity event for children with Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy.

The chairman of the youth organization Goychay Development Centre Azizagha Atakishiyev speaking with a welcoming speech has shared information on the progress of the charity event. He has also stressed that projects undertaken in this area would be expanded within the framework of social development policy pursued by the government at this stage. Azizagha Atakishiyev has also thanked the partners for their support in arranging the charity event. He has emphasized the assistance and support provided by Aznar and personally its leader, businessman and entrepreneur Farhad Ahmadov, living in Russia at the moment. He has noted the invaluable contribution of Farhad Ahmadov in charity for disadvantaged children and their families.

The charity event has been attended by the children from Care Rehabilitation Centre who have been presented the products of Aznar and given various gifts from the organizers on the eve of New Year.

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