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Farhad Ahmedov erected Pomegranate monument in Azerbaijan

What could be more beautiful than a pomegranate? It is not just a piece of fruit, it is not just a combination of the vitamins, minerals and sugars that a body needs, a unique combination, means to achieve good health. Pomegranate is a work of art. More precisely, the Creator's magnificent creation. This piece of paradise on earth, which we are allowed to use. Its beauty and perfection have fascinated and inspired people for thousands of years around the world.

Pomegranate is a symbol of Azerbaijan, which glorified our land; it is close to each of us. Any one of us is ready to compose verses about a pomegranate, sing songs, even erect monuments.

Now, finally, there is such a monument. Monument worthy of Pomegranate. On November 7, it was inaugurated as part of the tenth annual Pomegranate Day in Goychay, where they grow the best pomegranates in the country. It stands in front of the plant 'Aznar,' where a modern production line based on green technology produces the best pomegranate juice in the country, known in many countries of the world.

Take a look at it. It's huge, it's ripe, it's sweet and fragrant, the fruit opened to show itself and give yourself a taste. And this feeling is not hampered by the fact that it all shines like gold. After all, that's the way it is. Gold of Azerbaijan is not only its oil, but also its people, and the fruits of its land. And the chief fruit is, of course, the Pomegranate.

Resulting in a full year of creative research, the authors Salhab Mammadov and Ali Ibadullayev created this monument.

We should not forget to express our gratitude to the plant 'Aznar' and, of course, the author of this whole idea - the main shareholder of 'Aznar,' Farhad Ahmedov for the fact that our pomegranate is now cast in metal, and we can all enjoy it and be proud of our Azerbaijan.