AZNAR and TM Grante at the beginning of this year once again participated in the exhibition event -Fancy Food Show 2018, USA, San Francisco.

This is the largest in North America fair of drinks, delicacies and confectionery. On it distributors, retailers, restaurateurs, ordinary visitors get acquainted with the novelties of the world of delicious drinks and food. Every year, the event is visited by 16 to 25 thousand people, and its exhibitors are represented from more than 80 countries.

The first Fancy Food Show was held in 1974. Since then, the event has always attracted a large number of both participants and visitors. Among them there are many exhibitors representing products made according to their own recipes, including exotic products. A large number of participants is not surprising. After all, for each exhibitor it is a great opportunity to introduce the its products to the world, expand the geography of supplies, which the AZNAR plant also strives for. Already today the products of the Grante brand are successfully supplied to the countries of Europe, North America. And even in those states that themselves are major producers of fruit and berries, vegetables on the world market ... For example, the same sunny Israel.

Therefore, this year among the more than 2000 exhibitors of the popular Fancy Food Show were TM Grante juices. Genuine, lively interest in the juices of the Grante brand as by ordinary visitors of the exhibition, as well as professional market participants, once again proved the high taste qualities of the Grante brand products.

The people constantly were assembling over the Grante brand stand to taste the products. Reviews of people who tried juices, were only enthusiastic. And it is not accidental. After all, these are natural juices of direct squeezing. They are obtained from fruits and berries grown in areas with beautiful ecology, plenty of sun.