Unlike past years, this year, the day of knowledge in the village of Potu, Goychay district, was celebrated not in a dilapidated school of the time of Nicholas II, but in a completely new and modern school building. In just 2.5 months, the dilapidated building of the village school was completely demolished, and in its place a modern building was erected, which is ready to accept 300 pupils. The reconstruction of the school building was carried out at the expense of funds allocated by the Russian businessman of Azerbaijani origin Farhad Akhmedov.
Recall that about the poor state of the school in the village of Potu, Goychay district, which bears the name of the hero Mubariz Mamedov who died in the Afghan war, wrote in June of this year. Residents of the village were sent to the editors of the school photo, with a leaking roof and tilted walls. It is not surprising, because one of the buildings of the building in which the school is located, was built in 1905.
Soon, businessman Farhad Akhmedov responded to the publication of, who stated that he would bear all the costs of demolishing this building and building a new school in the village of Potu. It should be noted that this is not the first charity event on the part of a businessman. Every year, a businessman spends millions of dollars on charity in Azerbaijan, although he does not advertise this himself. For example, last year school No. 2 in Goychay was completely renovated at the expense of a businessman. Schools No. 7 and 4, and also a kindergarten were repaired there for his money.
Giving children a holiday on September 15 at Farhad Akhmedov has become a tradition. It is noteworthy that on this day a businessman celebrates his birthday. According to, its own correspondent, the opening of the new school building in the village of Potu Goychay district was held in a solemn ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the deputy chief of the Goychay District 39 Chief Executive Ziver Zeynalova, the head of the education department of the district Elnur Ismailov, the director of AzNar CJSC (shares owned by Farhad Ahmedov - ed.) Teymur Ahmedov, as well as representatives of the district public.
Speaking at the event, the director of AzNar CJSC Teymur Akhmedov noted that as soon as Farhad Akhmedov learned about the deplorable state of the school in the village of Potu, he immediately ordered it to be repaired.
“We were instructed to repair the school before the start of the school year. We did everything in our power, and in just 2 months the school was completely renovated and handed over to students” he said.
The school has a modern sports ground, computer rooms, all classrooms are equipped with modern furniture. In addition, a new school building was erected. It should be noted that this year, 200 schools were built or repaired at the expense of the state budget. Including in remote villages, the construction of modular schools continues. In his speeches, President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly noted that there should not be a single old school building in the country. Unfortunately, we do not hear that wealthy Azerbaijanis, with the exception of Farhad Akhmedov, are supporting the construction of new schools.