To get the maximum benefit from pomegranate juice, you should pay attention to the recommendations for its use. Yes, yes, drinking pomegranate juice is a science! Thatəs why, I took the matter seriously and have resort to a specialist for advice. “Grante” nutritional consultant Valeria Aksenova advises to follow these simple reccomendations:
To maintain immunity, it’s enough to use up to 200 ml of pomegranate juice daily. Juice can be diluted with water or divided into several doses during the day. The main thing to remember that everything too much water drowned the miller!
Before buying the juice, carefully read the composition, there are shouldn’t be any flavor, dyes or preservatives enhancers. Only one ingredient is – the pomegranate juice.
Packaging must be labeled: "100% pomegranate juice of direct extraction." No recovered juices! Because of the processing they contain a minimum of vitamins and minerals.
Choose pomegranate juice in a glass container (bottle), and not in a tetrapack. Glass does not extract harmful components.
Pay attention to the integrity of the container and the best before of the product - it should not exceed 24 months. Remember that pomegranate juice is usable up to 3 days after opening the package.
When buying juice, also pay attention to the country of origin: it is desirable that it should be juice from Azerbaijan, as well as this is a country that is the homeland of the pomegranate and its place of growth: from the plantations right into the bottle.
Grante juice meets all the above criteria, so I recommend to stop my choice on it.
From myself I can add that Grante juice is really tasty, tart, rich. I tried the same taste of pomegranate juice in Baku. When I am going on business, I will definitely put a small bottle of juice 250 ml in my bag, it quenches thirst well, improves mood and does not take up much space with all this. But nevertheless a 750 ml bottle is cheaper, besides it contains as much as 2.5 kg of pomegranate. I take home several bottles at once, as I often use juice in cooking as well. Now that you have learned how to choose the right pomegranate juice, it will be useful to know exactly how it affects the body during different periods of pregnancy. We arm ourselves with a glass of pomegranate juice and carefully read!


If you wake up with an unpleasant feeling and get annoyed at the sight of dishes that used to be part of your usual diet, then pomegranate juice is exactly what you need now! Pomegranate has an excellent feature: it reduces the manifestations of toxicosis, which begin to disturb pregnant women already at the initial stages, and moderately improves the appetite. İs than not a miracle fruit? Also pomegranate juice improves the digestive processes, and in generally metabolic processes in the body. For pregnant women, this is especially actually, because they often have a slowdown in digestion, and the intestinal muscles become lazier. In this case, a pomegranate comes to the rescue, and serves as a powerful "engine" for digestion.

During the second trimester, the tummy already becomes round and rather heavy. Vitamin cocktail contained in pomegranate juice improves elasticity and strengthens vascular system tone, preventing vascular system problems, including varicosity. It will be much easier for the future mother to cope with new loads unfamiliar to her. And not only physical loads! Regularly drinking pomegranate juice, the future mom protects herself from fatigue and bad mood. In addition, pomegranate juice protects the body from viral (virus) infections as well as drugs. And pomegranate has a real rejuvenating effect thanks to the vitamin E contained in it. İs not a reason to charge the body in the morning? And the skin will say "thank you", because pomegranate juice will prevent the formation of pigment spots and stretch marks, as well as make the skin more elastic.

The pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, is often accompanied by a decrease in hemoglobin, so, unfortunately, my example is no exception. As I already wrote, pomegranate juice compensates for iron deficiency and eliminates signs of anemia. Pomegranate juice is also useful for the blood circulatory system, it helps strengthen the gums, improves the cardiovascular system. Due to its special properties, pomegranate juice can reduce blood loss during childbirth, increasing its clotting.