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Light Blackthorn Compote

Healthy diet product: with fructoze and stevia.


blackhorn barries, fructoze, natural sweetener stevioside, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), water.

No preservatives
No added sugar
No colorants
All natural
1000 ml (33.3 fl.oz), glass bottle
The Light Grante Compot is a refined harmony of taste, with eachingredient playing a carefully balanced role. Created without any rush orhaste, the compot is especially congenial to people striving for unity withthe nature. Compots of the line contain fructose and stevia; they will suitthe taste of a gourmet and make a perfect dietary product.
  • Made from fresh berries! Seasonal production.
  • Healthy diet product: with fructose and stevia!
  • LIGHT! 50% less calories! Perfect as a dietary product.
  • Original assortment. A refined harmony of taste!
Nutrition facts. Amount per 100 ml
  • Carbohydrates – 8.3 g
  • Energy – 141.1 kJ
  • Calories – 33.2 kcal
Amount of fruit in the compot: 200 g